Our Hearing Aid Products

While we carry every major brand of prescription hearing aids available, it does not mean it is the best solution for the individual. If we find that you have the type of hearing loss that may benefit by using a prescription hearing aid, we will work with you to pick the make, model, style, and technology; so you get a customized solution that will work with both your hearing impairment and your personal listening goals.

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Our Hearing Aid Products

Each manufacturer we work with has a full line of product sizes; a few even have invisible solutions. However, a hearing aid purchase should have careful consideration, a thorough evaluation & assessment, as well as a satisfaction guarantee. Before you pick a product based on it’s looks, remember that these are medical devices and you need to understand what they can do to address your needs before you commit to any one type.

We carry a wide range of streaming devices that connect your hearing aids to cell phones, TV’s, MP3 players and other Bluetooth devices.

There is no cure for tinnitus.  We carry a wide variety of hearing aids that include tinnitus masking options; which has been known to subjectively help patients manage their tinnitus.  On a personal note, I have worn these for many years and they have improved vastly since my first pair in 2003.

We offer many different types of custom hearing protection, including filtered plugs, musicians plugs, swim plugs and much more!

We work with both CapTel and CaptionCall to bring you the best selection of caption phones.

Conversor® Pro

Telecoil Loops

TV Ears® & Sennheiser personal sound amplifiers

PockeTalker®, a personal sound amplifier

Bed Shaker Alarm Clocks

It is important to remember that pricing depends on your needs and technology options for optimal performance. Hearing aids can be Bluetooth compatible to stream sound from your TV, MP3 player and even your phone – which adds to the expense. But they can also have minimal technology to address your hearing concerns without all the “fluff” allowing you to save a lot of money. The average price of a hearing aid at Sikorski Hearing Aid Center is $1,750.