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She always listens and follows up with what she says she will do.  Always pushed my limit for improving my hearing ability.  It was the best thing I ever did and I found the center to be approachable, superior, and incomparable.  Samantha is principled, resourceful, and awfully smart

Ken Bluse

They give an excellent hearing test.  Samantha was very fun to work with.

Doug Siler

Sikorski Hearing Center is professional, friendly, and honest. I tried other hearing centers.  They did not meet my needs.

Steven B. Sevals

Samantha has impressed me from the beginning with her knowledge and desire to help me find a product that will work for me and that I can afford.  The whole experience including staff shows Christian values of trust, worthiness, honesty, and caring for others.

Harold R. Jones

Very easy for me to find.  Great service and helped to find the problem and remedy for hearing loss as well as help in the process of wearing hearing aids.

Ann Ohl

Sikorski hearing aid center is the most caring business place I have ever been to in many years.  Samantha was wonderful as well as knowledgeable and helpful.  I enjoy doing business there.

Ken Hoecherl

I found Sikorski Hearing in the Weekender and decided to give them a try and I am very glad I did.  I had my hearing exam explained to me and I was very impressed when I was told that Sikorski would not sell me a hearing aid if it wouldn't help me.  Samantha really takes time for you.  I found the whole experience to be informative, helpful, courteous, and sincere.  Samantha was very caring, kind, concerned, and honest.

Carol Baier

I can highly recommend the Sikorski Hearing Center.  Samantha Sikorski provides her customers with a quality, professional hearing assessment.  She is very knowledgeable when it comes to your hearing and is very committed to providing you with the hearing aids that best meet your needs.  She is personable, professional, caring, and has a real passion for helping people to achieve a better hearing experience.  I have found Sikorski Hearing Aid Center to be pleasurable, helpful, and welcoming.  I'm very happy to call Samantha Sikorski my hearing instrument specialist.

Richard Nelson

Working with Sikorski Hearing Aid Center has been wonderful. Samantha was so kind and informative and really went above and beyond our expectations. She spent so much of her own time to fight to get our insurance to cover my hearing aids. We couldn't be happier.

Jamie Hill

I have so much confidence in Samantha's professionalism and compassion for solving hearing issues. I am thankful my wife, Mary, was able to join so that she could understand my hearing issues first hand; it has helped us tremendously. I will be following Samantha to her new practice in Spooner, because of her elevated level of knowledge, care and compassion for helping!

Rog Paulsen

I was ready to have my hearing checked and Sikorski Hearing Aid Center was the perfect fit in more ways than one.  The atmosphere was friendly, the audiologist was professional, and the prices were more than reasonable.  The staff was very pleasant, compassionate, and ethical.

Lucy Basler

I was so very impressed with the thoroughness of Sikorski Hearing Aid Center.  Awesome service!

Barbara Briggs

Samantha was kind and polite.  My experience with Sikorski Hearing Center was great.  I should have had hearing aids years ago.

Dale Meyers

I found Sikorski Hearing Center to be satisfying, relaxing, and courteous.  Since losing my hearing in a flying accident, I've been to many hearing specialists.  This center has been one of the best nationwide as to knowledge of hearing problems and professional skills.  Samantha was compassionate, friendly, and awesome.

Pat Weiss

I am so pleased with the thoroughness of learning about hearing loss and what hearing devices can and cannot do.  Also the affordability & Samantha working for the client to get the lowest possible price but high quality.

Betty Graf

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