Our Hearing Aid Services

We are a full service, independent hearing aid center whose primary goal is to ensure hearing success through proper needs assessment, counseling, verification measures and rehabilitation. Whether you purchased your hearing aids from our office or through another retailer, we are able to service your hearing needs. Let Sikorski Hearing Aid Center, Inc. be your invaluable partner in the care and management of your hearing instruments.

Non Hearing Aid Services

More commonly referred to as a "hearing test," we assess more than ones ability to hear a tone.  A comprehensive hearing evaluation allows us to determine how you hear through the natural pathway (the ear), through the mastoid, and how you process the information!  Not only that, we also assess your ability to discern speech while in the presence of background noise. 

Real Ear Measurements (REM) are the most under-used, critical piece of equipment in a hearing aid dispenser’s office still today.  These powerful pieces of technology allow professionals to watch sound as it travels through your ear canal after the hearing aid has done its job of amplifying it!  We analyze the path, compare ear-to-ear stimuli, compare the gain to hearing thresholds, and determine if the loss is being sufficiently treated.  Said another way, sound changes as it moves through space, especially a long, curvy ear canal.  By the time it reaches your eardrum, it is entirely different than it was when it entered the microphone of your hearing aid. Without objectively measuring what is occurring in the ear, we can't know if you are just receiving volume or if you are actually being fit adequately. 

With the lack of REM's being used, it is no wonder why so many people have difficulty adjusting to and wearing their hearing aids.  Not a single patient will leave our office without using this device to see what is really going on in their instrument, that’s a guarantee! When are these necessary? When you get a hearing aid or when you are considering a new hearing aid.

In order to have an annual test, you need to have a baseline test.  EVERYONE needs one of these.  Your annual test shows us how much of your hearing has changed since your last test.  We can use this to determine many factors that play a significant role in hearing loss.

When are these necessary?  Every 5 years between age 20 – 40.  Every 2 years between age 40-60. Every year after age 60.

No matter what brand hearing aid you wear, we will be happy to do everything we can to fix, repair and clean it in house so that you are never without your device.

Used by dispensing offices nationwide, this equipment allows you to see what we see when we look into your ear.  I believe this to be a critical educational tool.

Roughly 50 million Americans have tinnitus (pronounced TIN-NITE-US or TIN-UH-TIS);  and, while it is usually believed to be a hearing issue because we hear the sound, it is actually a neurological problem that originates in the brain. Tinnitus is the number 1 disability of our Veteran’s returning home from Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Nearly 16 million people seek medical help for the phantom noise they are experiencing and for about 2 million of those people it is life-altering; it can lead to depression, anxiety and suicide.  If you, or someone you know has trouble sleeping, concentrating, or is depressed due to their tinnitus, please seek medical help right away. While there is no cure for tinnitus - there is help. The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number is 988.

*We can clean and service every brand of hearing aid; however, there are some brands of hearing aids that require franchising agreements in order to program (adjust the sound) of the aid; therefore, we are not able to program all brands.